From quality control to logistics: the Giano project

To meet the increasingly advanced needs for the overall management and control of production processes on the factory floor, Primeconcept participates as co-founder, in the creation of a start-up that sees the synergistic confluence of the specializations of three innovative companies of high professional level, with digitization “in the DNA” and with an eye on the future of the industry. Giano is the name of the project that integrates state-of-the-art production data collection and analysis systems using machine vision, artificial intelligence and process control (MES).

This makes it possible to design and develop systems that perfectly meet the needs of companies looking for complete solutions, realizing the best innovative solution at the technological level on the market.


Giano offers its customers, customized solutions of any level of complexity and completeness, using the support of experienced specialists in different activities, to ensure the best solutions and the most advanced technologies:

For manufacturers
namely for manufacturing industries that want to implement constant 360-degree production control through artificial intelligence

For machine builders
integrating Giano’s functionality already at the machine creation level

For system integrators
who can easily integrate Giano into their designs of new custom manufacturing plants.


To offer the most advanced expertises to SMEs aiming for innovation, the Giano project, unites three companies that are leaders in their fields.

  • AEC Soluzioni, an innovative SME that, thanks to the proven experience of its founders, develops industrial software solutions capable of integrating and jointly managing all factory activities, from planning to production and logistics, adopting state-of-the-art digital technologies (MES).
  • And Italia, a Turin-based IT company that has been working mainly on artificial intelligence since 2017. After an initial period of organizing and studying the potential of the tool, it implemented a partnership with IBM, as one of the most competent and comprehensive AI providers. And Italia can provide services for the development of applications for data analysis and the creation of virtual and voice assistants.
  • Primeconcept, a leading company for the creation of customized and turnkey machine vision solutions, for more than 15 years. It was the first Italian company to use deep learning technology applied to machine vision. In particular, Primeconcept provides the PrimeCoBuilder framework for the Giano project as one of the main components to bring customers’ production efficiency to new levels of performance.