Industry needs vision


Our staff has over 40 years of experience in computer vision. We have pioneered in Italy the use of deep learning to solve problems that are impossible to address with traditional methods. Relying on Primeconcept is a strategic choice that allows companies to stay one step ahead.


Mastery of the best and most innovative technology available at the moment has always been the basis of our expertise. Research and study, aimed at realizing solutions that perfectly meet market needs, are non-stop. The solutions offered by Primeconcept target the optimum result, regardless of the circumstances.


The actual result is the combination of your know-how with ours. We listen to the client and participate ad hoc in the project as vision specialists at any level of complexity and completeness. We always offer accurate solutions, tailored to any specific customer’s need or designed according to the most common market requirements.


We don’t stop where others stop, but instead look ahead and ride on, cutting ever-new goals, backed up by the most innovative technologies on the market and driven by the desire to give it our all. Being cross-functional is important for us to understand every aspect of your reality and provide you with 100% effective solutions