Machine Builders and System Integrators: the vision to compete

Primeconcept, thanks to its long experience in the industrial automation market, not only targets industrial manufacturing industries by offering its machine vision systems for quality and production process control, but also works in synergy with machine manufacturers and system integrators.

Italy is at the forefront in the creation of advanced equipment and machinery for automated production in a wide variety of sectors, just think of food and beverage, woodworking, ceramics, marble and that whole immense world of excellence in mechatronics and automotive.


Implementing machine vision on the machine, for an OEM, or offering it as a quality element in the industrial plant requested by the customer, for a System Integrator, means expanding its commercial offerings, as well as improving its market positioning compared to its competitors, also making it more competitive in terms of innovation and digitalization.

In addition, Primeconcept is able to assist its partners from co-design to the implementation of turnkey systems, ensuring comprehensive support, backed by expertise that has enabled it to obtain two industrial patents.


Primeconcept is the reliable ally that can give a qualitative boost to its partners, putting at their disposal all the technological know-how needed to transform a high-performance machine or production line into exclusive excellence: never before has it been the case to say that union is strength and mutually enhances business.