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Digitizing processes, objectifying actions, preventing errors, harmonizing man and machine



Primeconcept presents PrimeCoPilot:
the innovative system that makes any rule-based process error-free.

In any manufacturing process, errors and anomalies are inevitable. But if these are intercepted at the right time, their consequences can be prevented. By eliminating defects at the source, the cost of errors is reduced, in many cases to zero.

Our PrimeCoPilot solution leverages 3D computer vision and artificial intelligence, applied in a collaborative mode, for understanding events happening within a given workspace. Thus PrimeCoPilot realizes a poka-yoke based on the method of work steps, checking whether all the steps of a given process have been executed correctly, in the predetermined order and time.

PrimeCoPilot is a real-time process monitoring system that enables defect-free production and optimizes efficiency, quality and safety.


Understand, classify, localize. All in three dimensions

PrimeCoPilot uses a unique combination of cutting-edge technologies, making it unique in performance and flexibility of use.

Deep learning enables the system to recognize multiple elements moving across the scene-that is, objects that change in appearance-without being fooled by distortions, different perspectives, varying contrasts, and ill-defined shapes. In addition, the learn-by-example algorithms that characterize deep learning enable unlimited increases in the artificial intelligence quotient, without the need for human intervention. 3D computer vision makes the system see with maximum realism what is happening at each instant, with the spatial perception typical of human vision. Thus it is realized:

  • Non-contact real-time monitoring, free from alteration of performance over time.
  • A super partes, constant evaluative ability to objectify both the quality and efficiency of the process.


Like a true co-pilot, it collaborates both before and during, preventing any risk

Setting up a process control with PrimeCoPilot is simple and intuitive, in fact a wizard suggests step by step how to set up the system. Not a single line of programming code needs to be written: the approach is completely visual and requires no special skills.

After the configuration phase, PrimeCoPilot turns its attention to the working environment and interacts with man, machine or both, providing guidance, reporting any errors in the execution of the process under control and nipping potential dangerous situations in the bud.

With the ability to seamlessly analyze even multiple simultaneous events, PrimeCoPilot offers unprecedented responsiveness to the onset of anomalies.


The perfect co-pilot to never lose your way and always arrive on time

Optimizing time-and-motion means improving efficiency and productivity by empowering staff to properly manage and execute production processes. This provides great savings by eliminating all waste and minimizing costs.

But the optimized work cycle is often difficult to comply with in reality, for humans and sometimes for machines as well. PrimeCoPilot works alongside the worker, whether this is man or machine or both at the same time.

It collaborates with them, unobtrusively but inflexibly: it monitors and guides the work in order to maximize efficiency, quality and productivity, while preserving the safety of the operators as well as the performance and functionality of the machines, because it is able to intervene promptly in case of danger.


Predictive maintenance

sistema di visione nel processo di montaggio
operaio impegnato nel revisionare un assemblaggio motore
mani di un operaio mentre sta montando un pistone
uno spaccato di un motore
operaio sullo sfondo mentre assembla un pezzo di motore
operaio a lavoro per assemblare una parte di un motore


Eliminating defects at the beginning is no longer a pipe dream

Industrial manufacturers must always solve two problems and bear two costs: identifying defective parts and removing them from production lines. Wouldn’t it be better to get only compliant items and be free from inspecting the whole production and to discard bad parts?

PrimeCoPilot picks out the actions that cause defects, stopping them in their tracks thus preventing the creation of non-compliant products and saving a lot of time and money.


Eliminating risk to work in harmony

The ever closer cooperation between man and machine, the centerpiece of the breakthrough Industry 5.0, harmonizing human and artificial intelligence, aims to create new forms of added value in production but poses new challenges on the front of the safeguard in the workplace.

PrimeCoPilot monitors in real time the safety of human operators as well as machine or both, and acts as a supervisor of their activities, establishing a climate of optimum health and safety, with all the benefits that result in terms of flexibility, speed and competitiveness.


Eliminate surprises by guessing ahead

Opting for a model based on predictive maintenance on the factory floor is a strategic choice that has a positive impact on business continuity, but it is not always possible to create a direct connection with machines under control in order to acquire the necessary data.

PrimeCoPilot replaces material connections with observation, characterized by continuous-time and three-dimensional vision, through which it detects drifts in motion, position and pace of work. The seamless analysis of such data allows the system to predict and thus prevent failures that could generate damage machine downtime and safety issues.


PrimeCoPilots excellence is recognizable in every context


Manufacturing cannot sometimes ignore the dexterity of the human being. But this is by nature prone to error. The quality control of the manufactured items would require a subsequent control phase, not always feasible because you cannot always detect all construction defects in the finished product.

PrimeCoPilot allows construction and quality control to be condensed at the same stage of production, putting into practice real-time monitoring that helps human operators, allows them to work safely, prevents mistakes and thus avoids the production of non-compliant items.


Any machine is prone to progressive wear and aging. This drift simultaneously affects any built-in sensors. Even if the machine is not equipped with its own alarm devices, there is no way to notice the deteriorations and failures in a timely manner. In both cases it is difficult, if not impossible, to classify performance declines and malfunctions. PrimeCoPilot is the ace up the machine builders and end users’ sleeve: it is an impartial judge, independent of machines, who never loose concentration nor need breaks.


Harmony between man is machine is not taken for granted. Interacting with machines is not like interacting with other people: collaborative robots don’t fully anticipate human distractions either. Robots cannot have security algorithms that are suitable for any use and can dynamically adapt to the unexpected. PrimeCoPilot dramatically lowers the risk of accidents: avoiding collisions is better than only mitigating its effects. Exploiting the capabilities of intelligent machines and technologies, and achieving full man-machine symbiosis to make production qualitatively better, is the goal of Industry 5.0.