We perform technical and economic feasibility studies

Thanks to the experience gained over time for the innovation of production facilities and technological systems for companies in different sectors, from the simplest to the most complex, Primeconcept is able to direct companies that intend to modernize their production towards solutions characterized by rapid implementation and with the best cost/benefit ratio, through specific studies and business plans. Listening to clients and sharing their objectives, fitting into their innovation project that includes production and organizational upgrading, from quality control activities to the most complex industrial automation developments, is a service that Primeconcept‘s team performs to support SMEs in the increasingly pressing digitization process.


Operating as specialists in machine vision and deep learning at any level, Primeconcept creates solutions with local or remote support, providing ad hoc training to give the client useful autonomy with significant savings in time and money. Primeconcept is the reliable partner to design the industrial future of a company through co-design with the client of feasibility and development plans, in order to take advantage of the real opportunities of the moment.


Opportunities for companies that want to grow, in this particular historical moment are largely offered within the PNRR.

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), is the strategic document prepared by the Italian government to access the Next Generation – EU fund, the tool introduced by the European Union to respond to the pandemic crisis. The PNRR focuses on the issues of innovation and competitiveness in the Italian production system, intertwining with the transversal intent of digitalization of production activities, to achieve the following objectives:

  • Enhance the ability of enterprises, particularly SMEs, to innovate, including by fostering the process of integration into global value chains
  • Stimulate investment in the development and application of frontier technology essential to compete in global markets (IoT, robotics, machine vision and artificial intelligence)

Primeconcept is a candidate, thanks to its expertise, to support the company in the submission of development plans and applications to obtain this funding.

The Decreto Aiuti (Aid Decree): how to get the 50% incentive for electronic design, simulation and manufacturing SW.

Who is the beneficiary of this incentive?

The benefit of the tax credit for investments in intangible assets 4.0 (Budget Law 2021 Art. 1, c. 1058, 1058-bis and 1058-ter, Law No. 178/2020), is in favor of companies resident in the Italian territory, including permanent establishments of nonresidents, of any legal form or market sector or size or, again, of any tax regime.

What kind of investments are eligible for financing?

Intangible and capital goods for 4.0 transformation processes.  All of Primeconcept’s custom applications or special solutions fall into the eligible categories.

How does it work?

For investments made from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2022 (or by June 30, 2023, if by Dec. 31, 2022, the “seller” has accepted the relevant order and down payments of 20 percent of the total cost have been made), the share of the tax credit increases from 20% to 50% (up to a maximum of one million euros in costs).

The facility can be used for offsetting purposes.

What the enterprise must do

  • keep records demonstrating the eligible costs and related payments to avoid revocation of the facility
  • indicate in the invoices and other purchase documents (e.g., DDT) of the planned goods and services, the reference to the provisions of the law
  • prepare a sworn technical report (from an engineer or industrial expert registered in the professional registers or obtain a certificate of conformity from an accredited certification body), to confirm the technical characteristics of the purchased goods, which are in line with the 2017 Budget Law.
  • For goods purchased with a cost not exceeding 300,000 euros, it is possible to avoid the expertise through the declaration of the legal representative (pursuant to Presidential Decree No. 445/2000).