Cognex acquires SUALAB and thus doubles leadership in deep learning-based machine vision

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Acquisition expands Cognex offerings in deep learning and increases opportunities to automate difficult visual inspection tasks in industrial markets

Cognex has acquired SUALAB, a Korean developer of deep learning-based machine vision software. The acquisition will advance Cognex’s leadership in deep learning-based machine vision and automation of visual inspection operations in the industrial sector. The addition of the SUALAB engineering team and the innovative technology that will be made available will enhance Cognex’s existing deep learning capabilities.

“Deep learning makes it possible to solve many challenging inspection applications that until now could only be completed by large teams of human visual inspectors. In the future, these tasks will be done much more reliably and at a lower cost using computer vision” , said Robert J. Willett, president and CEO of Cognex.

“We are thrilled to welcome the SUALAB team to Cognex, which fits our culture of hard work, great satisfaction and rapid movement” , added Dr. Robert J. Shillman, founder and Chairman of the Board of Cognex.

SUALAB was co-founded in 2013 in Seoul, Korea, by Song Kiyoung, who will join Cognex and help lead the world’s largest group of engineers specializing in the use of deep learning for industrial machine vision applications.

“Our goal at SUALAB has been clear since our founding: to be the global leader in inspection through vision based on deep learning” , said Song Kiyoung, CEO and co-founder of SUALAB. “By joining Cognex, we have achieved that goal, and together we plan to accelerate our efforts to help more customers solve even the most complex vision applications faster, easier and more cost-effectively”.

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